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User name, Employee & Associated responsibilities

SELECT fu.user_name “User Login”, fu.description “Role Description”,
fu.start_date “Login Start Date”, fu.end_date “Login End Date”,
fu.email_address “E-Mail Associated”, fu.employee_id “Employee Id”,
ppf.employee_number “Employee Number”, ppf.full_name “Full Name”,
hou.NAME “Business Group”,
fr.responsibility_name “Responsibility Associated”,
fur.start_date “Association Start Date”,
fur.end_date “Association End Date”
FROM apps.fnd_user fu,
apps.per_all_people_f ppf,
apps.hr_all_organization_units hou,
apps.fnd_user_resp_groups_all fur,
apps.fnd_responsibility_tl fr
WHERE ppf.person_id = fu.employee_id
AND hou.organization_id = ppf.business_group_id
AND ppf.effective_end_date = TO_DATE (’31/12/4712′, ‘DD/MM/RRRR’)
AND fu.user_id = fur.user_id
AND NVL (fur.end_date, SYSDATE + 1) > SYSDATE
AND fur.responsibility_id = fr.responsibility_id
AND fr.responsibility_name LIKE ‘%XXXX%’ – Replace with appropriate OU Qualifier
ORDER BY fu.user_name, fr.responsibility_name
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