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OM profiles

1. Retain Time for Non-ATPable Items :
In the case of ATP enabled items, the timestamp will always schedule to 23:59:00 as ATP considers all the components and resources available till end of day.
In the case of non-ATPable items, the profile ‘MSC: Retain Time stamp for Non ATPABLE items’ is used.
If this is set to Yes, the timestamp can be saved to the value entered by the user.
The Profile can be set to either Yes or No.
MSC:Retain time for Non-ATPable items set to Yes
ATP returns same time stamp as passed to ATP from the Request Date and Time, for all single lines
for non-atpable items or for all sets containing only non-atpable items.
If a set contains mix of atpaple and non atpable items, then ATP continues to return 23:59:00 as
the new timestamp.
MSC:Retain time for Non-ATPable items set to No
If the profile is set to ‘No’, then ATP will also return 23:59:00 as the time stam
2. OM: Add Customer

This profile enables user to allow customer in the create sales order window.
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