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NonPredefined Error

To handle unnamed internal exceptions, you must use the OTHERS handler or the pragma EXCEPTION_INIT. A pragma is a compiler directive, which can be thought of as a parenthetical remark to the compiler. Pragmas (also called pseudoinstructions)
are processed at compile time, not at run time.
In PL/SQL, the pragma EXCEPTION_INIT tells the compiler to associate an exception name with an Oracle error number. That allows you to refer to any internal exception by name and to write a specific handler for it. You code the pragma EXCEPTION_INIT in the declarative part of a PL/SQL block, subprogram, or package using the syntax
PRAGMA EXCEPTION_INIT(exception_name, Oracle_error_number);
where exception_name is the name of a previously declared exception. The pragma must appear somewhere after the exception declaration in the same declarative section, as shown in the following example:

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