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Packages in PL SQL

A PL/SQL package is a single program unit that contains one or more procedures and/or functions, as well as various other PL/SQL constructs such as cursors, variables, constants, and exceptions. Packages bring these various constructs together in a single program unit.
Most applications include several Procedural Language/Structured Query Language (PL/SQL) procedures and functions that are logically related together. These various procedures and functions could be left as stand-alone individual procedures and functions, stored in the database. However, they can also be collected in a package, where they can be more easily organized and where you will find certain performance improvements as well as access control and various other benefits.

A package is a collection of PL/SQL program constructs, including variables, constants, cursors, user-defined exceptions, and PL/SQL procedures and functions, as well as PL/SQL-declared types. A package groups all of these constructs under one name. More than that, the package owns these constructs, and in so doing, affords them powers and performance benefits that would not otherwise exist if these constructs were not packaged together.

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