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So far, we have seen how to get data out of a table using SELECT and WHERE commands. Often, however, we need to list the output in a particular order. This could be in ascending order, in descending order, or could be based on either numerical value or text value. In such cases, we can use the ORDER BY keyword to achieve our goal.
The syntax for an ORDER BY statement is as follows:

SELECT “column_name”
FROM “table_name”
[WHERE “condition”]
ORDER BY “column_name” [ASC, DESC]

The [] means that the WHERE statement is optional. However, if a WHERE clause exists, it comes before the ORDER BY clause. ASC means that the results will be shown in ascending order, and DESC means that the results will be shown in descending order. If neither is specified, the default is ASC.
It is possible to order by more than one column. In this case, the ORDER BY clause above becomes ORDER BY “column_name1” [ASC, DESC], “column_name2” [ASC, DESC]
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