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Query that shows all the repsonsibilities and what functions are attached to these responsibilities

SELECT DISTINCT faa.application_name application, rtl.responsibility_name,
ffl.user_function_name, ff.function_name, ffl.description,
FROM fnd_compiled_menu_functions cmf,
fnd_form_functions ff,
fnd_form_functions_tl ffl,
fnd_responsibility r,
fnd_responsibility_vl rtl,
apps.fnd_application_all_view faa
WHERE cmf.function_id = ff.function_id
AND r.menu_id = cmf.menu_id
AND rtl.responsibility_id = r.responsibility_id
AND cmf.grant_flag = ‘Y’
AND ff.function_id = ffl.function_id
AND faa.application_id(+) = r.application_id
AND r.end_date IS NULL
AND rtl.end_date IS NULL
ORDER BY rtl.responsibility_name;
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Query to extract Employee Contact Information

SELECT papf.person_id employee_id, papf.full_name employee_name,
papf.effective_start_date employee_start_date,
papf.effective_end_date employee_end_date,
papf_cont.full_name contact_name, hl.meaning contact_type,
pcr.date_start contact_start_date, pcr.date_end contact_end_date
FROM per_contact_relationships pcr,
per_all_people_f papf,
hr_lookups hl,
per_all_people_f papf_cont
WHERE 1 = 1
AND papf.person_id = pcr.person_id
AND pcr.contact_person_id = papf_cont.person_id
AND NVL (TRUNC (papf.effective_end_date), SYSDATE) >= TRUNC (SYSDATE)
AND NVL (TRUNC (papf_cont.effective_end_date), SYSDATE) >= TRUNC (SYSDATE)
AND hl.lookup_type(+) = ‘CONTACT’
AND hl.lookup_code(+) = pcr.contact_type