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Query to find who and when update an Oracle Application user’s profile

SELECT t.user_profile_option_name, profile_option_value,
v.creation_date v.
last_update_date “Change Date”,
(SELECT UNIQUE user_name
FROM fnd_user
WHERE user_id = v.created_by) “Created By”,
(SELECT user_name
FROM fnd_user
WHERE user_id = v.last_updated_by) “Last Update By”
FROM fnd_profile_options o,
fnd_profile_option_values v,
fnd_profile_options_tl t
WHERE o.profile_option_id = v.profile_option_id
AND o.application_id = v.application_id
AND start_date_active <= SYSDATE
AND NVL (end_date_active, SYSDATE) >= SYSDATE
AND o.profile_option_name = t.profile_option_name
AND level_id = 10001
AND t.LANGUAGE IN (SELECT language_code
FROM fnd_languages
WHERE installed_flag = ‘B’
SELECT nls_language
FROM fnd_languages
WHERE installed_flag = ‘B’)
ORDER BY user_profile_option_name;
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Query for Sales Order Details

SELECT   ooha.header_id order_header_id, ottt.NAME order_type_name,
         ooha.order_number, ooha.ordered_date,
         ooha.transactional_curr_code order_currency, hp.party_id,
         hp.party_number, hp.party_name customer_name,
         hca.cust_account_id customer_id, hca.account_number customer_number,
         oola.line_id order_line_id, oola.line_number, oola.inventory_item_id,
         msib.segment1 item_number, msib.description item_desc,
         oola.attribute15 superseded_item, oola.order_quantity_uom,
         oola.ordered_quantity, oola.unit_selling_price
    FROM oe_order_headers_all ooha,
         oe_order_lines_all oola,
         oe_transaction_types_tl ottt,
         mtl_system_items_b msib,
         mtl_parameters mp,
         org_organization_definitions ood,
         hz_parties hp,
         hz_cust_accounts hca
   WHERE ooha.header_id = oola.header_id
     AND ottt.transaction_type_id(+) = ooha.order_type_id
     AND hca.cust_account_id(+) = ooha.sold_to_org_id
     AND hp.party_id = hca.party_id
     AND ooha.org_id = oola.org_id(+)
     AND msib.inventory_item_id = oola.inventory_item_id
     AND msib.organization_id = mp.master_organization_id
     AND mp.organization_id = ood.organization_id
     AND mp.master_organization_id = mp.organization_id
     AND ood.operating_unit = fnd_profile.VALUE (‘ORG_ID’)
     AND ooha.order_number = :sales_order_number
ORDER BY ottt.NAME, ooha.order_number, oola.line_number;