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Query for Supplier Bank Details

SELECT DISTINCT pv.vendor_name vendor_name, pv.segment1 vendor_number,
                pvs.vendor_site_code vendor_site_code,
                aba.bank_account_name bank_account_name,
                aba.bank_account_num bank_account_num,
                aba.currency_code currency_code,
                abau.primary_flag primary_flag, abb.bank_name bank_name,
                abb.bank_number bank_number,
                abb.bank_branch_name bank_branch_name, abb.bank_num bank_num
           FROM ap_bank_account_uses_all abau,
                ap_bank_accounts_all aba,
                ap_bank_branches abb,
                po_vendors pv,
                po_vendor_sites_all pvs
          WHERE abau.external_bank_account_id = aba.bank_account_id
            AND aba.bank_branch_id = abb.bank_branch_id
            AND abau.vendor_id = pv.vendor_id
            AND abau.vendor_id = pvs.vendor_id(+)
            AND abau.vendor_site_id = pvs.vendor_site_id(+)
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