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Oracle Data & Migration

The sets of data required by Oracle Applications can be broadly classified in to 4 categories Master Data : Item, Customer, Vendor, Bank Accounts, etc. Opening Balances: On-Hand Quantity of Items, GL Balances, etc. Open Transactions : Open Purchase Orders, Open Sales Order, Open Invoice etc. Set-up Data :  Item Categories, Stock Locators Similary source […]

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Important APIs/Open Interfaces

Customer APIshz_party_v2pub.create_organization Org Contact Role Hz_party_contact_v2pub.Create_Org_Contact_RoleRelationships HZ_CUST_ACCOUNT_V2PUB.CREATE_CUST_ACCT_RELATECustomer Profile HZ_CUSTOMER_PROFILE_V2PUB. create_customer_profileCustomer Profile Amount HZ_CUSTOMER_PROFILE_V2PUB. create_cust_profile_amtCustomer Credit Rating HZ_PARTY_INFO_V2PUB.create_credit_ratingSales Person JTF_RS_SALESREPS_PUB.CREATE_SALESREPSales reps Territories JTF_RS_SRP_TERRITORIES_PUB.CREATE_RS_SRP_TERRITORIESCustomer contacts HZ_CUST_ACCOUNT_ROLE_V2PUB.CREATE_CUST_ACCOUNT_ROLECustomer Contact Role HZ_CUST_ACCOUNT_ROLE_V2PUB.create_role_responsibilityVendor APIsProcedure : AP_PO_VENDORS_APIS_PKG.INSERT_NEW_VENDORProcedure=> AP_PO_VENDORS_APIS_PKG.INSERT_NEW_VENDOR_SITEProcedure=> AP_PO_VENDORS_APIS_PKG.INSERT_NEW_VENDOR_CONTACTItem Import You must import items into the Item Master organization before you import items into additional organizations. You can accomplish this by specifying only your Item Master organization on a first pass […]

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Data Migration

Data Migration is the process of transferring data between one system to another system. Data migration is required when organizations or individuals change computer systems or upgrade to new systems, or when systems merge (such as when the organizations that use them undergo a merger/takeover).To achieve an effective data migration in oracle, data on the […]