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R12 Supplier Contact creation API

Below are the steps to create Supplier contacts in Oracle EBS R12. AP_SUP_SITE_CONTACT_INT interface used in 11i for loading supplier contact. Currently in R12 contacts can not be loaded using the interface table. ap_vendor_pub_pkg.create_vendor_contact API is used in R12 and the program has to be registered as a concurrent program. ### Sample R12 Code BEGIN v_party_usg_assignment_id […]

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How to Reading XML data using PLSQL

This Document explains the steps of how we read an XML data file using PLSQL and write them to oracle tables.Create a UTL Directory:This involves the following steps. Creating a Logical directory and giving the Permissions to access this directory using an URL. Using the XML Dom Parser Procedures to read the Xml file , parse itand then […]