What is Flexfield?
A flexfield is a field made up of segments. A flex field is a flexible data field that your organization can customize to your business needs without programming. Oracle Applications uses two types of flexfields, key flexfields and descriptive flexfields.
What is a Set of Books (SOB)?
Set of Books is a financial entity that shares a common Chart of Accounts, Functional Currency and Accounting Calendar (3Cs).
What is Segment?
A segment is a single sub–field within a flexfield. You define the appearance and meaning of individual segments when customizing a flexfield. A segment is represented in your database as a single table column.
What is a Value Set?
The flexfield validates each segment against a set of valid values that are usually predefined are called Value Sets.
What is Cross Validation?
A cross-validation rule defines whether a value of a particular segment can be combined with specific values of other segments
What are the different types of tables in Oracle 11i Apps?
B – The Main base tables
_ALL – Contains multi-org data
_V – View created on base table
_TL – Table that supports multi language
_VL – View created on multi language tables
_F – Data tracking tables. Used in HRMS
_S – Sequence related table
_DFV / _KFV – The DFF/KFF table created on the base table
What is the difference between Request Group and Request Set?
A request group is a collection of reports or concurrent programs.  A System Administrator defines report groups in order to control user access to reports and concurrent programs.  Only a System Administrator can create a request group.
Request sets define run and print options, and possibly, parameter values, for a collection of reports or concurrent program. End users and System Administrators can define request sets. A System Administrator has request set privileges beyond those of an end user. 
What are different types of validations of Value Sets?
None (not validated at all)
Special (advanced)
Pair (advanced)
Can you change the validation type of the existing Value set?
What are the validation types supported by Accounting Flexfield?
Dependent, Independent, Table

What is the difference between Discrete Manufacturing and Process Manufacturing?
Discrete manufacturing is a manufacturing process where distinct products are built or manufactured in discrete batches on manufacturing floor. The resulting product is what you can count. It uses Bills of Materials (BOMs) and assembles along a routing.
Eg: Computer Manufacturing, Machinery Manufacturing, Automobiles, etc
Process manufacturing is a manufacturing process in which the end product manufactured are undifferentiated. It uses formulations or recipes and blends in a batch.
Eg: Pharmaceutical, Food and beverages, Refineries, etc
What are Shared Entities in Oracle 11i Apps?
Shared entities enable one-time definition of object and are accessed by several products/Modules.
Few shared entities and the owned applications are
Set of Books – General Ledger
Items – Inventory
Unit of Measure – Inventory
Suppliers – Purchasing
Customers – Receivables
Locations – Human Resource
Employee – Human Resource
Organization – Human Resource
How data are secured (partitioned) in Oracle 11i Applications?
General Ledger and Fixed Assets – Set of Books
Human Resource – Business Group
Order Management, Accounts Receivables, Accounts Payables, Purchasing, Cash Management, Projects, Service, Sales Compensation, Sales and Marketing – Operating Unit
Inventory, Manufacturing – Inventory Unit