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How to use Oracle Message Dictionary in Oracle Apps – FND MESSAGES?

How to use Oracle Message Dictionary in Oracle Apps – FND MESSAGES? Oracle Message Dictionary provides flexibility to store pre-formatted text as part of its catalog to display them as error/warning/note messages in Forms, Log Files, OAF Pages, Reports, etc., These messages mainly provide information about business rule errors, such as missing or incorrect data, […]

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How to Insert Attachments in R12 Using API

This article explains how to insert attachments using Oracle API’s from Back end. Working on attachments need some knowledge of how an attachment functions (Definitions, Entity, Document Category, Entities and Blocks, Primary Keys in attachments) in Oracle Apps. To understand the below API and what it actually does its advisable to read the Attachments Chapter […]

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R12 Supplier Contact creation API

Below are the steps to create Supplier contacts in Oracle EBS R12. AP_SUP_SITE_CONTACT_INT interface used in 11i for loading supplier contact. Currently in R12 contacts can not be loaded using the interface table. ap_vendor_pub_pkg.create_vendor_contact API is used in R12 and the program has to be registered as a concurrent program. ### Sample R12 Code BEGIN v_party_usg_assignment_id […]

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How to Reading XML data using PLSQL

This Document explains the steps of how we read an XML data file using PLSQL and write them to oracle tables.Create a UTL Directory:This involves the following steps. Creating a Logical directory and giving the Permissions to access this directory using an URL. Using the XML Dom Parser Procedures to read the Xml file , parse itand then […]