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How to View/Access Other User Concurrent Request in Oracle Apps R12

When user OPERATIONS submit a request at System Administratorresponsibility, this user can see the log and output files of this request. But the other user (ex: SYSADMIN) cannot do that even has the same responsibility. If we use the View All Concurrent Requests (System Administrator Mode) form, we only can see the request but not the output file of this request.
So, if we want to access the request output of the same responsibility from another user’s requests, then we need to follow the below setup steps:
1. Login as SYSADMIN with Functional Developer responsibility and update the object Concurrent Requests
1.a. Search Concurrent Requests object and click the link to update it.
1.b. Create new Instance Set
1.c. Enter Name, Code, Description and Predicate for the new instance Set.
&TABLE_ALIAS.request_id in (select cr.request_id from fnd_concurrent_requests cr where cr.responsibility_id = fnd_global.resp_id and cr.responsibility_application_id = fnd_global.resp_appl_id)
1.d. New Instance Set successful created.
2. Login as SYSADMIN with User Management responsibility and using theRoles and Role Inheritance Tab
2.a. Create Role and then create a Grant for the Role, Data Security Object choose Concurrent Requests
2.b. Choose the Data Context Type Instance Set and choose the Instance Set created in above step (EY – Access Request Output of Same Responsibility)
2.c. Choose Permission Set Request Operations
2.d. Role and Grant created.
3. Assign the role to users as needed. The users with this role will be able to see the log and output files for the same as responsibility.
3.a. Query the user that you want to add this new role and click Update.
3.b. Assign the new Role and Apply to activated
4. User OPERATIONS submit request Signon Audit Users with Request ID 5831028.User SYSADMIN will be able to find the Request ID 5831028 and the View Output and View Log buttons are Enable also.
But if otherwise, user OPERATIONS cannot find the Request that userSYSADMIN submitted, because the Role just grant to the user SYSADMIN.
Reference: Doc ID 804296.1
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