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FAQs in Oracle Forms – Part:2

What is a display item?
Display items are similar to text items but store only fetched or assigned values. Operators cannot navigate to a display item or edit the value it contains.
How many maximum number of radio buttons can you assign to a radio group?
Unlimited no of radio buttons can be assigned to a radio group.
Can you change the default value of the radio button group at run time?
What triggers are associated with the radio group?
Only when-radio-changed trigger associated with radio group.
What are the various states of a form?
CHANGED: Indicates that the form contains at least one block with a Changed record.
NEW: Indicates that the form contains only New records.
QUERY: Indicates that a query is open.
What are the different objects that you cannot copy or reference in object groups?
objects of different modules
another object groups
individual block dependent items
program units

What are the different modals of a window?
Modeless windows
Modal windows
What are Modeless windows?
More than one Modeless window can be displayed at the same time, and operators can navigate among them if your application allows them to do so . On most GUI platforms, Modeless windows can also be layered to appear either in front of or behind other windows.
What are modal windows?
Modal windows are usually used as dialogs, and have restricted functionality compared to modelless windows. On some platforms for example operators cannot resize, scroll or iconify a modal window.
How do you display console on a window ?
The console includes the status line and message line, and is displayed at the bottom of the window to which it is assigned. To specify that the console should be displayed, set the console window form property to the name of any window in the form. To include the console, set console window to Null.
Can you have more than one content canvas attached with a window?
Yes. Each window you create must have at least one content canvas assigned to it. You can also create a window that has manipulate content canvas. At run time only one of the content canvas assign to a window is displayed at a time.
How many windows in a form can have console?
Only one window in a form can display the console, and you cannot change the console assignment at runtime.
What are the different window events activated at runtimes?
When a form call a pl/sql routine if there is an error in the pl/sql routine how do you place custom message in the form?
FND_MESSAGE.SHOW displays an informational message in a forms modal window or in a concurrent program log file only.
fnd_message.set_string(‘Message Text’);
FND_MESSAGE.HINT to display a message in the forms status line and FND_MESSAGE.ERASE to clear the forms status line. FND_MESSAGE.HINT takes its message from the stack, displays the message, and then clears that message from the message stack.
List the built-in routines for controlling a window during run-time?
What built-in is used for changing the properties of a window dynamically?
What built-in is used for showing an alert during run-time?
Can you change alert messages at run-time?
Yes. By Set_alert_property.
What is the built-in function used for finding the alert?
What built-in routines are used to display editor dynamically?
Edit_text item
What is the difference between COPY and NAME_IN ?
Copy is package procedure that writes values into a field. Name_in is a package function that returns the contents of the variable to which you apply.
Can you attach an lov to a field at run-time?
Yes. By Set_item_proprety
What is the built-in used to get and set lov properties during run-time?
Give built-in routines related to a record groups?
Create_group (Function)
What is the built-in routine used to count the no of rows in a group?
What are the built-ins that are used to attach an LOV programmatically to an item?
How many number of columns a record group can have?
A record group can have an unlimited number of columns of type CHAR, LONG, NUMBER, or DATE provided that the total number of column does not exceed 64K.
What is the Maximum allowed length of Record group Column?
Record group column names cannot exceed 30 characters.
What are the built-ins used for Creating and deleting groups?
CREATE-GROUP (function)
What are the difference between Lov & List Item?
Lov is a property where as list item is an item. A list item can have only one column while a lov can have one or more columns.
What are the different display styles of list items?
Pop List
Text List
Combo box
What is Pop List?
The pop list style list item appears initially as a single field (similar to a text item field). When the operator selects the list icon, a list of available choices appears.
What is a Text List?
The text list style list item appears as a rectangular box which displays the fixed number of values. When the text list contains values that can not be displayed, a vertical scroll bar appears, allowing the operator to view and select undisplayed values.
What is a Combo Box?
A combo box style list item combines the features found in list and text item. Unlike the pop list or the text list style list items, the combo box style list item will both display fixed values and accept one operator entered value.
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