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Adding and Updating Customer Accounts in R12

Use the Customer Overview page in R12 to manage details of your existing customers. 
This page has five subtabs:

  • Accounts.
  • Profile
  • Communication
  • Party Relationships
  • Tax Profile


Use the Accounts subtab of the Customer Overview page to view, add, and update the accounts of existing customers.
  • view and update an account:
  • view and update an account site
  • create an account
  • create an account site

Customer Profiles:

Use the Profile subtab of the Customer Overview page to add and update the profiles of existing customers.

Tax Registration Number

  • The customer’s unique taxpayer registration number, also known as the VAT number.
  • Oracle Receivables prints this number on customer invoices.
  • Receivables provides country-specific validation of the tax registration number.

Credit Classification

  • Displays the credit classification for a particular profile class.

Credit Analyst

  • Indicates who is responsible for monitoring the creditworthiness of the account and for assisting in the resolution of credit-related issues.

Review Cycle

  • Specifies how often to review the credit status of the customer account. For example, you can specify that the creditworthiness of the account is reviewed each month.

Customer Communication Information:

Use the Communication subtab of the Customer Overview page to enter and update contact information, such as phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and URLs, of existing customers.
Phone Numbers:

  • FAX

Email Address:


Party Relationships:

Use the Party Relationship subtab of the Customer Overview page to define, view, and update relationships among existing customers (parties), using predefined relationship types and roles.
Note: Relationship types and roles are defined using Oracle Trading Community Architecture Relationship Manager.

Relationship Role: Describes the role that an entity plays in a relationship.

Customer Tax Profiles:

Use the Tax Profile subtab of the Customer Overview page to set up, view, and update tax profiles for your customers.

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