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Create directory in Oracle

Create directory in Oracle

create or replace directory foo_dir as ‘/tmp’;

Directories must be created if external tables are used.
Created directories are shown in either dba_directories or all_directories. There is no user_directories.


When a «directory» has been created, the read and write object privileges can be granted on it:

create directory some_dir;
grant read, write on directory some_dir to micky_mouse;

An example

The following example shows how create directory and utl_file can be used to write text into a file:

create or replace directory dir_temp as ‘c:temp’;

  f utl_file.file_type;
  f := utl_file.fopen(‘DIR_TEMP’, ‘something.txt’, ‘w’);
  utl_file.put_line(f, ‘line one: some text’);
  utl_file.put_line(f, ‘line two: more text’);

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