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Form Personalization – How to Change Field Name

Form Personalization – How to Change Field Name

Form Personalization feature allows us to alter the behavior of Forms-based screens, including changing properties, displaying messages etc.
For a single form-function
(a form running in a particular context based on parameters passed to it defined at function level) we can specify one or more Rules. Each Rule consists of an Event, an optional Condition, the Scope for which it applies, and one or more Actions to perform.

Here we will discuss about how can we change the field display name.

Basic Requirement

Our basic requirement is to change name the ‘Latest Start Date field to ‘ABCD‘ in people Screen. Remember this name change should only be applicable for persons who are using ‘UK HRMS Manager’.

Solution ApproachForm Personalization feature is declarative and any personalization to form may interfere with base code of a  form.
before we start personalization please ensure that the following security profiles are properly set   1) FND_HIDE_DIAGNOSTICS (Hide Diagnostics menu entry)
  2) DIAGNOSTICS (Utilities:Diagnostics)

a) Now open the people & Assignment form from the navigator menu. Click on the ‘Latest Start Date field’. Now go to  Help >> Diagnostics >>  Properties >>  Item.
    It will display the ‘Object Properties’ window. Note Down the  Object2 value (HIRE_DATE) which is nothing but the name of the item.

b) Now to personalize the screen, go to  Help >> Diagnostics >> Custom Code >> Personalize
 Set the following values

Condition TabSeq:- Next highest available number.
Test Personalization
Trigger Object**:-
Processing Mode:- Both
Scope:- Site

** Depending on the Trigger Event, this field may be Disabled, or Enabled and Required in which case it will validate against a List of Values. For example, if Trigger Event WHEN-NEW-ITEM-INSTANCE is selected, then we must enter a specific block.field for that trigger to be processed.

Action Tab
Seq:- 10
Type:- Property
Language***:- All
Object Type:- Item
Target Object:- PERSON.HIRE_DATE (Search with string that we copied from step a)
Property Name:- PROMPT_TEXT
Value:- ABCD

 ***  Select All’ to have the action processed for any language, or select a specific language.Generally text-related personalizations are applied for a specific

c) Validate the design and click on Apply Now.

Note:- 1) Since we have selected processing mode as ‘Both’, hence the field name ‘ABCD’ will appear under both the condition ‘New form is open’ and
             ‘Enter-Query Mode’.

                If we select the processing mode as ‘Only in Enter-Query Mode’, then we will see the original name of the field while opening the form.Where as  if we
            query the form it will execute the trigger event and change the name of the field.

      2) Each Rule consists of one or more Scope rows, and one or more Actions. If a Rule has no Scope rows or Action rows, it is not processed. Note that
         upon saving a Rule, if no Scope rows have been entered the form will automatically create a row at the Site level. If any scope matches the current
         runtime context then the Rule will be processed.

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