11i and R12

In 11i the field ‘bank_account_id’ acts as a relation key between the AP_CHECKS_ALL and AP_BANK_ACCOUNTS_ALL tables.

In 12 i the same field is no longer is used in ‘AP_CHECKS_ALL’ table.

In 12 i where ‘CE_BANK_ACCT_USE_ID’ is acts as a relation between ‘CE_BANK_ACCT_USES_ALL’ and ‘AP_CHECKS_ALL’

Highlights of release 12i

A single responsibility to access and transact on multiple organizations.
A single ledger to manage multiple currencies.
Ledger sets to manage accounting processes across ledger.
Centralized rules engines for tax, accounting and Intercomapny.
Centralized trading partners i.e Suppliers, Banks, First Party legal entities.
Simplified reporting via XML Publisher and DBI.
Netting across trading partners.

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