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How to Assign Item from One Organization to Another Organization in Oracle

Item Organization Assignment setup…
  1. Create Organization Hierarchy
    Nav: Inventory → Setup → Organization → Hierarchy
  2. Organization Name is Source Organization
  3. Subordinates is Destination Organization
    Note: You can add more than one subordinates(Destination Organization)
    Run Request : Item Organization Assignment
    Nav: View → Requests → Submit New Requests → Single Requests → Item Organization Assignment
Enter the Parameter
  1. Source Organization = From Organization
  2. Hierarchy Origin = Destination Organization
  3. Hierarchy = Which you created Organization Hierarchy name
  4. Category set Name = At least one Category set name required.
  5. Request Count = 1
Click (B) ok
After Completing the Request 
You can run the Item Status report and view the output which is assigned the against the Organization.
Run the Request Item Status Report and View Output

View Output Item
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