How to Create DBC file in oracle apps R12 EBS?

How to Create DBC file in oracle apps R12 EBS?

The .dbc file is mostly used to define database parameters,stands for database connect descriptor file, used to connect-to database, it authenticate users against database in FND_USER table.

DBC file is quite important as whenever Java or any other program like forms want to connect to database it uses dbc file.

For OAF page development, we need to get the DBC file of development environment.

Method 1:

//Login as Application user
Navigate to $INST_TOP/admin/install directory and run script.


Run the command, It will generate .dbc file under $INST_TOP/appl/fnd/12.0.0/secure

Method 2:

//Login as Application user

java apps/apps ADD FNDNAM=apps GWYUID=applsyspub/pub TWO_TASK= SECURE_PATH=$FND_TOP/secure GUEST_USER_PWD=guest/oracle APPS_JDBC_DRIVER_TYPE=THIN DB_PORT=1521

Method 3: (Via Browser URL)

Below locations we can find in DBC files in system.
For 11i:

cd $FND_TOP/secure

For R12:


In case, if we don’t have access to the server we can get it with other easy way.

Open a web browser and go to the homepage Application URL and append “/OA_HTML/jsp/fnd/aoljtest.jsp” to it like below.

This will open the below page and enter the required details.

Enter DB Details

If all the details are correct entered you will get an overview page with all details, and at bottom of screen you will get a link “Enter AOL/J Setup Test”. click that link.

DB Instance Details

This will redirect you to page from where you can Locate DBC file under connection test from left side Menu list.

DBC File
On the right side you will get the contents of the DBC file. Copy/paste this to a VISION.dbc file and place it in your JDeveloper JDEV_USER_HOME/dbc_files/secure.

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