Rollup Group is a collection of Parent values for a given segment.
To be used in a rollup group there are a few requirements:
1.  The value MUST be a Parent value.
2.  The Parent Value MUST contain Child values.
3.  The Parent and Child Values MUST belong to the same Value Set.

Users can summarize on any information in any segment using Rollup Groups.
To define rollup groups
1. Enter a code for your rollup group. The code is required and used internally.
2. Enter a name and description for your rollup group.
3. Save your changes.
4. Apply your rollup group name to particular values using the Segment Values window

Use the above window to define rollup groups to which you can assign key flexfield values. You can use a rollup group to identify a group of parent values for reporting or other application purposes. You assign key flexfield segment values to rollup groups using the Segment Values window.
In Oracle Applications, only the Accounting Flexfield uses rollup groups. Rollup groups are used to create summary accounts for reporting purposes.

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