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Metalink Introduction

What is My Oracle Support?My Oracle Support provides personalized, proactive, and collaborative support across all Oracle products.

Metalink is a knowledge base for Oracle, it provides access to a vast amount Oracle resources such as: Articles, Notes, Forum, Patches, Support and a whole lot more. In order to get access to Oracle Metalink you must be a customer or partner. 
The great aspect of Metalink is that it allows one to find resources for troubleshooting purposes. I have resolved many issue ranging from functional setup to complex database issues.
Another, great feature is Oracle Support via Metalink. You can raise an SR or Support Request (previously known as a TAR) to Oracle Support for issues. As an Orace customer you can send an SR on almost every topic. I have taken advantage of this, for example I once submitted an SR on how to find a particular patch.
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