Functions in Oracle AOL

What is Function?

A function is a part of an application’s functionality that is registered under a unique name for the purpose of assigning it to, or excluding it from, a responsibility.

What are the Function Types?

There are two types of functions:
a] Form (Form Function)

  •   A form function (form) invokes an Oracle Forms form.
  •   Form functions appear in the Navigate window and can be navigated to.

b] Subfunction (Non–Form Function)

  •   A non–form function (subfunction) is a securable subset of a form’s functionality: in other words, a function executed from within a form.
  •   Subfunctions are frequently associated with buttons or other graphical elements on forms.

Forms vs. Subfunctions?

  • Forms appear in the Navigate window and can be navigated to. Subfunctions do not appear in the Navigate window and cannot be navigated to.
  • Forms can exist on their own. Subfunctions can only be called by logic embodied within a form; they cannot exist on their own.
  • A form as a whole, including all of its program logic, is always designated as a function. Subsets of a form’s program logic can optionally be designated as subfunctions if there is a need to secure those subsets.

Advantages of Form Functions

If you want to open the Form in different modes without creating the copies, we can create a Form Function and pass the parameters based on the requirement. The parameter, which is passed in the form function, must be already defined in the form while designing the Form. A menu can be assigned to more than one Responsibility. If you want to restrict some of the Forms from a particular responsibility, we can include Form Function of those Forms in Menu Exclusions of the Responsibility.

What are the standard function types?

  • FORM                                    — Oracle Applications form functions are registered with a type of FORM.
  • SUBFUNCTION                   — Subfunctions are added to menus
  • JSP                                        — JSP functions
  • WWW                                     –PL/SQL functions
  • WWK                                      –PL/SQL functions that open a new window
  • WWR or WWL                      –used for some products in the Oracle Self–Service Web Applications
  • WWJ                                      –OA Framework JSP portlet
  • SERVLET                              –Servlet functions
  • DBPORTLET                        –Database provider portlet
  • WEBPORTLET                    –Web provider portlet
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