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Get the Inventory code and Inventory Name/description

Note:- Inventory Organization will be represented with the Organization_id column.
We many give some code and name to the Inventory. With the following Query we can know the Code and Name details of all the Inventories in the Organization.

SELECT distinct SUBSTR(loc.location_code, 1, 4) “Inventory Code”
,DECODE(SUBSTR(loc.tax_name, 1, 3) 
,’Bay’, ‘H’ 
,’Zel’, ‘Z’ 
,’KMT’, ‘Z’) || lpad(substr(loc.location_code, 1, 4), 4, ‘0’)|| ‘ ‘ ||
SUBSTR(loc.address_line_2, 1, 30) “Inventory Name/Description”,
ou.ORGANIZATION_ID “Inventory Organization ID”
FROM hr_locations_all loc,
hr_all_organization_units ou 
WHERE loc.location_id = ou.location_id;

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