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Summary Hold information based on the Invoice Number

When we Purchase some material/Goods/Items from Vendor/Supplier, after receiving the material. Vendor would send the INVOICE (In other words we receive BILL for the Items you have received). And payment will be done automatically. If there is some Discrepancy in the Items received and in the BILL/INVOICE you received, for them to hold the payment we normally set the HOLD rules. From the following Query you can know the Hold reason at the Summary level. 

select * from
(SELECT api.invoice_id, api.invoice_date AS invoice_date,
api.invoice_num AS invoice_num, pov.vendor_id AS vendor_id,
pov.vendor_name AS supplier_name, apd.inv_lines AS total_inv_lines,
NVL (hold_tab_info.hold_inv_lines, 0) AS total_line_holds,
NVL (CEIL ((hold_tab_info.hold_inv_lines * 100) / DECODE(apd.inv_lines,0,1,apd.inv_lines)),
) AS percentage_line_hold,
DECODE (hold_tab_info.hold_inv_lines,
NULL, ‘N’,
0, ‘N’,
) AS defect,
DECODE (hold_tab_info.hold_inv_lines,
NULL, 0,
0, 0,
) AS defect_count, 1 inv_count,
NVL (hold_count.hold_cnt, 0) AS total_inv_holds,
NVL (c.hold_os, 0) AS days_outstanding,
NVL (api.invoice_amount, 0) AS total_invoice_amount,
NVL (hold_tab_info.hold_amount, 0) AS total_hold_amount,
NVL (CEIL ((hold_tab_info.hold_amount * 100) / DECODE(api.invoice_amount,0,1,api.invoice_amount)),
) AS percentage_amount_hold
FROM APPS.ap_invoices_all api,
(SELECT invoice_id, COUNT (invoice_id) inv_lines
FROM APPS.ap_invoice_distributions_all
GROUP BY invoice_id) apd,
(SELECT invoice_id, COUNT (hold_lookup_code) hold_cnt
FROM APPS.ap_holds_all
WHERE 1 = 1 AND line_location_id IS NOT NULL
GROUP BY invoice_id) hold_count,
(SELECT invoice_id, COUNT (hold_tab.line_num) hold_inv_lines,
SUM (hold_tab.hold_amount) hold_amount
FROM (SELECT DISTINCT api.invoice_id invoice_id,
apd.distribution_line_number line_num,
apd.amount hold_amount
FROM APPS.ap_invoices_all api,
APPS.ap_invoice_distributions_all apd,
APPS.po_distributions_all pod,
APPS.ap_holds_all aph
WHERE 1 = 1
AND api.invoice_id = apd.invoice_id
AND aph.invoice_id(+) = api.invoice_id
AND api.cancelled_date IS NULL
AND apd.po_distribution_id = pod.po_distribution_id(+)
AND aph.line_location_id = pod.line_location_id
AND aph.line_location_id IS NOT NULL) hold_tab
GROUP BY invoice_id) hold_tab_info,
(SELECT invoice_id, MAX (b.hold_os) hold_os
FROM (SELECT invoice_id,
DECODE (status_flag,
‘R’, ( TRUNC (NVL (last_update_date,
– TRUNC (hold_date)
(TRUNC (SYSDATE) – TRUNC (hold_date))
) hold_os
FROM APPS.ap_holds_all
WHERE line_location_id IS NOT NULL) b
GROUP BY invoice_id) c,
APPS.po_vendors pov
WHERE 1 = 1
AND hold_tab_info.invoice_id(+) = api.invoice_id
AND c.invoice_id(+) = api.invoice_id
AND api.invoice_id = apd.invoice_id
AND api.vendor_id = pov.vendor_id(+)
AND api.cancelled_date IS NULL
AND api.invoice_id = hold_count.invoice_id(+))
where invoice_num=’Your Invoice number’;

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