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Internal Requisitions has not converted to Internal Sales Order

Requisitions (PO Module) would be 2 types.

1) Purchasing Requisitions (Handled by the PO Module)

2) Internal Requisitions (Handled by the OM Module).

We create the Purchase Orders for the Purchasing Requisitions and Internal Sales Orders will be created for the Internal Requisitions.

Note:- We create Internal Sales Order to transfer the material between the Inventories with-in the Organization.
We can use the following Query to find out all the Internal requisitions are created but not converted to the Internal Sales Orders.

SELECT rqha.segment1 “Requisition Number”
, rqla.line_num “Line Number”
, rqla.requisition_header_id “Requisition Header ID”
, rqla.requisition_line_id “Requisition Line ID”
, rqla.item_id “Inventory item ID”
, rqla.unit_meas_lookup_code “Unit Of Measure”
, rqla.unit_price “Unit Price”
, rqla.quantity “Quantity”
, rqla.quantity_cancelled “Quantity Cancelled”
, rqla.quantity_delivered “Quantity Delivered”
, rqla.cancel_flag “Cancelled”
, rqla.source_type_code “Source Type”
, rqla.source_organization_id “Source Organization ID”
, rqla.destination_organization_id “Destination Organization ID”
, rqha.transferred_to_oe_flag “Transferred to OE Flag”
FROM po_requisition_lines_all rqla
, po_requisition_headers_all rqha
WHERE rqla.requisition_header_id = rqha.requisition_header_id
AND rqla.source_type_code = ‘INVENTORY’
AND rqla.source_organization_id IS NOT NULL
AND NOT EXISTS ( SELECT ‘existing internal order’
FROM oe_order_lines_all line
WHERE line.source_document_line_id =
AND line.source_document_type_id = 10)
ORDER BY rqha.requisition_header_id
, rqla.line_num

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