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PO Requisition associated with PO Orders

We Using following URL, we can find out the all the requisitions (Purchasing Requisitions) which are associated with what all Purchasing orders.

They are 2 types of requisitions.

1) Purchasing Requisition

2) Internal Requisition.

Note:- Only Purchase Requisitions will be converted to the Purchase orders.

SELECT prha.segment1 “Requisition Number”,
prha.type_lookup_code “Requisition Type”,
pha.segment1 “Purchase Order Number”,
pha.type_lookup_code “Purchase Order Type”
FROM po_headers_all pha,
po_distributions_all pda,
po_req_distributions_all rd,
po_requisition_lines_all prla,
po_requisition_headers_all prha
WHERE pha.po_header_id = pda.po_header_id
AND pda.req_distribution_id = rd.distribution_id
AND rd.requisition_line_id = prla.requisition_line_id
AND prla.requisition_header_id = prha.requisition_header_id

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