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Permission names for specific User

With the following query you can know what all the permissions you have for any Specific Application User.

I have used this query when working on some custom page. Based on the permissions given to the User, you can provide some additional functionality to the Users.

Note:- I have commented out the permission name. in the below query. You can use this condition if you want to search specific to the permission name.

SELECT fnd.user_id
, fnd.description
, p.permission_name
FROM jtf_auth_principals_b u
, jtf_auth_principal_maps pm
, jtf_auth_role_perms rp
, jtf_auth_permissions_b p
, fnd_user fnd
WHERE fnd.user_id=’Your USER ID’
AND fnd.user_name=u.principal_name
— AND p.permission_name =’CSI_SEARCH_PRODUCT_VIEW’
AND u.jtf_auth_principal_id = pm.jtf_auth_principal_id
AND pm.jtf_auth_parent_principal_id = rp.jtf_auth_principal_id
AND rp.jtf_auth_permission_id = p.jtf_auth_permission_id

Note:- You can know the USER ID of specific to some USER from the following Query.

select * from fnd_user where USER_NAME like ‘User Name’;

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