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Submit the Concurrent Program from Backend

The following is the Sample Code to Submit the Concurrent Program from the backend.

Note:- This is the Concurrent Program, not the Request Set. To Submit the Request Set from the backend, We have different API.

I have already document, for submitting the request set from the backend in the Following URL.


l_success NUMBER;

fnd_global.apps_initialize( user_id => 2572694, resp_id => 50407, resp_appl_id => 20003);

— If you are directly running from the database using the TOAD, SQL-NAVIGATOR or –SQL*PLUS etc. Then you need to Initialize the Apps. In this case use the above API to –Initialize the APPS. If you are using same code in some procedure and running directly
–from application then you don’t need to initalize.
–Then you can comment the above API.

l_success :=
(‘XXAPP’, — Application Short name of the Concurrent Program.
‘XXPRO_RPT’, — Program Short Name.
‘Program For testing the backend Report’, — Description of the Program.
SYSDATE, — Submitted date. Always give the SYSDATE.
FALSE, — Always give the FLASE.
‘1234’ — Passing the Value to the First Parameter of the report.

— Note:- In the above request Run, I have created the Report, which has one parameter.

IF l_success = 0
— fnd_file.put_line (fnd_file.LOG, ‘Request submission For this store FAILED’ );
DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE( ‘Request submission For this store FAILED’ );
— fnd_file.put_line (fnd_file.LOG, ‘Request submission for this store SUCCESSFUL’);
DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE( ‘Request submission For this store SUCCESSFUL’ );

Note:- If you are running directly from database, use DBMS API to display. If you are 
— Running directly from Application, then Use the fnd_file API to write the message
— in the log file.


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