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Consigned POs not getting converted with the consigned flag checked through PDOI & Coming to the base tables with Incomplete Status

While trying to import the Consigned Purchase Orders using Standard Purchase Order Import Process, the Consigned Flag is not updated to Yes in the Purchase Order Shipment due to which the PO is coming to the system in INCOMPLETE status rather than APPROVED status.

If we will try to approve the PO in the form , then we will receive the following Error.

“Error: Line #1 Schedule # 1: The consigned setting on the shipment line does not match the consigned attribute on the ASL. The shipment line must be deleted and re-entered.”

The reason why the system is throwing the error while approving the PO is:

Approved Supplier List (ASL) for the item has the “Consigned from Supplier Flag” checked, while the corresponding PO Shipments does not have the Consigned Flag checked.
If the ASL / Item is consigned enabled, the Consigned Attributes must be passed on to the PO Shipment Line for the error to suppress

To Approve the PO, we need to perform either of the following Option.

– Deselect the “Consigned from Supplier” checkbox for the ASL if Consigned Inventory is not desired for the Supplier. (Check for the consigned_from_supplier_flag in po_asl_attributes table)


– Ensure the Consigned flag is checked on the PO Shipment. (consigned_flag in po_line_locations_all should be set to Y).

What is the Solution if we need to import Consigned Purchase Orders in Bulk into the system.
We can not manully go & approve the PO one by one after taking care of the above 2 points.

As Per Oracle;

Is it possible to use the consigned flag while importing Purchase Orders ? — No, This functionality is not yet available.

Enhancement Request Bug 4261977 has been opened to request that this functionality and to be considered for inclusion in future versions of the application

Workaround which can be used to Import Consigned Purchase Orders:

  • Import the Purchase Order in Incomplete Status to the System using PDOI.
  • In the po_line_locations_all table, the consigned_flag should be NULL for these POs. We need to update this flag to Y. (update po_line_locations_all set consigned_flag = ‘Y’ where line_location_id = ***)
  • Need to call the PO approval API [po_reqapproval_init1.start_wf_process] so as to approve the PO.
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