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How to Configure Oracle Approval Management (AME) for developer?

Follow the steps below to have access to AME.

Steps to AME configuration for any user:

1) Select the User Management responsibility.
2) Select the Users page.
3) Search for the user to whom you wish to grant AME roles.
4) In the results table, click Update. In the Update User page, you can view user details along with a list of roles available to the user.
5) Click Assign Roles.
6) Select following roles and click Apply.

1) Approvals Management Administrator
2) Approvals Management Analyst
3) Approvals Management System Viewer
4) Approvals Management System Administrator
5) Approvals Management Process Owner

7) Grant data access to users

1) Login as Administrator.
2) Select the Functional Administrator responsibility.
3) Select the Grants tab.
4) Click Create Grant.
5) Select Specific User as grantee type.
6) Select the user as grantee key.
7) Select AME Transaction Types as Object
8) Select AME Calling Applications as Set
9) Follow the screen and click on Finish

8) Run “Workflow Directory Services User/Role Validation”
9) Select Approval Management Business Analyst responsibility and check functionality.

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