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How to Solve Concurrent Program Output Post Processor(OPP) Issue in R12

Output Post Processor is very common term used in the Oracle Apps terminology which is used to publish the XML content to PDF/Excel etc.

I have faced several issues with the EBS XML Reports esp. during or after Output Post processing.
Issue# 1- Concurrent Request completed with Warning and timed out
Concurrent Request completed with Warning and in the log file says the request timed out.

Go to System Administrator -> Profile -> System

Make the Profile Concurrent: OPP Process Timeout to 10800.

This issue comes when the OPP is timed out to publish the output. The time out will be based upon the value in the profile. For e.g. if the value set at this profile is 600 it means the program waits for 10 mins (600/60) and if OPP does not publish the output within this time then it will timed out. Having higher value i.e. 10800 which is 3 hours will solve most of the issues that may cause due to high volume of the data.

Issue# 2- Concurrent Request completed with Error with Java Heap Space.

This is very common issue when size of the XML is huge and OPP fails to publish the data it will generate this error.

One way to fix this issue is to see how many Active OPP Services is running on the server. We had this issue for one of my client and by increasing the number of OPP Services from 4 to 8 solves this issue.

System Administrator -> Concurrent ->Manager ->Administer
Click on Output Post Processor and then click Processes.

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  1. Adi Setio Nugroho
    Adi Setio Nugroho says:

    how many process and thread you are using on OPP Service?

    this is the default value :


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