Multi-Org Access Control’ (also known as ‘MOAC’ in short form) is an enhanced feature of Release 12. MOAC enables users to access secured data in multiple operating units from a single responsibility. End-Users can access/transact data within several operating units based on a Security Profile attached to the responsibility.   

                                                            MOAC Setups
1. Define Responsibilities for GL, AP,AR,FA,CM.

2. Define Business Group.
3.Define Ledger.
4.Define Operating Unit.
5. Define Security Profile.
6. Run Security List Maintenance Program.
7. Assign Security Profile to Responsibilities.  
8. Run Replicate Seed Data Program. 

 1. Define Responsibilities for GL, AP,AR,FA,CM.

Navigation: System Administrator –> Security –> Responsibility –> Define.

Responsibility for GL.

 Responsibility for HRMS.

   Responsibility for AP.

  Responsibility for AR.

Responsibility for FA.


Responsibility for CM.

Setup 2: Define Business Group
Navigation: HRMS –> Work Structures –> Oraniazation –> Description.
Click on New button.

 Click on Others.
Select Business Group information.

Click on Ok and Save.

Once we created the business group system default assigned the business group to your HRMS Responsibility.

 Assign Business group to your HRMS Responsibility.
Navigation System Administrator –> Profile –> Systems.

Setup 3: Define Ledger.

Setup 4: Define Operating Unit.

Setup 5: Define Security Profile.
The security profile determines which applicant, employee, contingent worker and other person type records are available to holders of the responsibility the profile is linked to.
You can define security profiles in the Security Profile window to give access to a single business group or the Global Security Profile window (to allow users to access records from more than one business group).
Using the Global Security Profile window does not give Oracle HRMS users access to records from multiple business groups within the same responsibility; users must still switch responsibilities to see records from different business groups. However, HRMS users can see a restricted set of information in records from more than one business group within a single responsibility if the HR:Cross Business Profile profile option is set to Yes. In addition, you can use people management templates to query and update worker information across business groups using a single responsibility.
Navigation: HRMS –> Security –> Profile.
Click on Save.
NoteThe above security profile will access only single business group information.

 6. Run Security List Maintenance Program.

Navigation: HRMS –> Processes and Reports –> Submit Processes and Reports —> Single Request
Click on Ok and click on Submit.
Global Security Profile:
By using Global security Profile we can access one or more business group at a time under single Responsibility.
Navigation: HRMS –> Security –> Global.
 Click On save.
 Run Security List Maintenance Program.
Navigation: HRMS –> Processes and Reports –> Submit Processes and Reports —> Single Request

Click ok and then submit.

7. Assign Security Profile to Responsibilities.
Navigation: System Administrator –> Profile –> System
Click on Find.
8. Run Replicate Seed Data Program.
Navigation: System Administrator –> Request –> Run –> Single Request
 Click ok and submit.