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What are all Oracle ASCP Plan Types?

In R12, you can launch three type of plans:

  1. Production Plan
  2. Manufacturing Plan
  3. Master Plan

For MPS Planning item level, you should run Production Plan

And for MRP Planning Item, you should run Manufacturing plan.

Please see the explanation from Dev in similar question from other customers in Oracle Technical forum:

“The below are the 3 plan types :
1. MPP (Master Plan)
2. MPS (Production Plan)
3. MRP (Manufacturing Plan)

A. In 11.5.9, we had three plan types: DRP (Distribution Plan), MPS (Production Plan) and MRP (Manufacturing Plan)

B. In 11.5.10, we had three plan types: MPP, MPS and MRP. We changed the DRP name to MPP.
Why? Because in R12, we introduced a new Distribution Planning engine and having the term DRP used for the old plan type would have caused more confusion than MPP.”

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