Allow Modification to Customized Objects

“Allow modifications of customized objects” check box in the “About Oracle Workflow Builder”

When Checked :
The range of editable access levels can appear as a combination of solid green and crosshatch grey areas.
The levels depicted by grey crosshatches represent levels that usually cannot modify customized objects, but can now do so because Oracle Workflow Builder is operating in ’upload’ mode.
Upload mode means that Oracle Workflow Builder can save your edits, overwriting any protected objects that you have access to modify as well as any previously customized objects.

When Unchecked :
The range of editable access levels appears as a solid green area.
This indicates that when you save your work, Oracle Workflow Builder is operating in ’upgrade’ mode, only saving edits to protected objects that you have access to change and leaving objects that have been previously customized untouched.
Note: An object appears with a small red lock over its icon in the navigator tree to indicate that it is a read–only if you are operating at an access level that does not have permission to edit an object, that is, your access level is in a white area of the Range of Editable Access Levels’ indicator bar.

Default Protection Levels :
The following range of levels are presumed by Oracle Workflow:
0-9 Oracle Workflow
10-19 Oracle Application Object Library
20-99 Oracle Applications development
100-999 Customer organization.
You can determine how you want this range to be interpreted. For example, 100 can represent headquarters, while 101 can represent a regional office, and so on.
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