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Accounting Flexfield (Chart of Account)

The code you use to identify a general ledger (GL) account in Oracle.
    * Accounting (Key) Flexfield segment one of up to 30 different sections of the accounting flexfield, which together make up a GL account code.
    * Accounting Flexfield structure – the combination of key flexfield segments defined to make up the account code combinations. If a segment(s) is added or removed or re-arranged, the result is a different structure.
The basic steps in defining a key Flexfields are as given below. You may or may not use all the steps. The detailed explanation is being followed after the steps.
1. Define & fix the structure of your COA/AFF or any other flex field.
we ‘ll design a flex field of the form
2. Define the value sets for all the three segments
Navigation : GL > Set up > Financials > Flex field > Validation > Sets


Similarly definie value set for other two segments
3. Define the flex field
Navigation : GL > Set up > Financials > Flex field > key > Segment

Select the application as GL and title as account flexifield. click on OK

Enter the name of new flex field and save it. Click on segments to enter the segments of the FF
Enter the name of the new three segments  with the coumn name segmen1, 2 & 3. Assign the corresponding value set. Save it and click on Open to open one segment.

Verify the segment1 contents and modify if necessary. Click on qualifiers

Enter the qualifier as Cost center, Natural account or as required.  Repeat this step for all the segments and close the key flexfield segment window.

enable the fields allow dynamic inserts & cross-validate segments. Also enable the freeze flexfield definition and click on complie.

4. Filling value sets
Navigation : GL > Set up > Financials > Flex field > key > Values

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