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Multiple Organizations Access Control

Multiple Organizations Access Control is an enhancement to the Multiple
Organizations feature of Oracle Applications. Multiple Organizations Access Control
allows a user to access data from one or many Operating Units while within a given
responsibility. Data security is maintained using the Multiple Organizations Security
Profile, defined in Oracle HRMS, which specifies a list of operating units and
determines the data access privileges for a user.

In Release 12, several controls are moved from the Payables Options or Financials Options forms to a new setup form that is common for Oracle Payables across all
operating units, the Payables System Setup form. If the upgrade finds conflicts in the
settings across multiple operating units, it will choose the most frequently occurring

Oracle Applications will not automatically create security profiles during the Release 12
upgrade. If you want to use Multiple Organizations Access Control, you will first need
to define security profiles, then link them to responsibilities or users.
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