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WIP completion and Asset Tracking

Back in 2009, I needed WIP completion transaction also be part of the Asset Creation process for depreciable items in Asset Tracking. The base was either R12.0.4 or R12.0.6, i don’t remember. But traditionally, for depreciable items,  following transactions are supported to create an asset in FA while the asset is still in Inventory.

  1. Miscellaneous Receipt
  2. Account Alias Receipt
  3. Account Receipt
  4. PO Receipt into Inventory
  5. PO Receipt into Projects
  6. Physical Inventory (Receipts)
  7. Cycle Counting (Receipts)

But there are companies that manuafacture products and they want to track them in FA. They typically get into inventory with WIP completion transaction. As you can see this transaction is not in the list above.
Recently, to my surprise, I found this patch 7489949 (which was released in 2008) that includes WIP completion also into supported transactions for asset creation. To add to my surprise, support had no clue when they were asked for solution at that time. Of course we came a long way.
BTW, it is included in base release of R12.1.1.

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