Oracle WorkFlow Interview Questions ?

1. How to find the latest version of a current workflow process, and how to revert to the old version of workflow

2. Name five very important base tables of oracle workflow and their significance.

3. Name five oracle workflow apis and their significance and use

4. How would you clear stuck or deferred workflows and what is meant by a deferred workflow

5. What is the difference between workflow wait activity and block activity, what is the api which is used in this regard to put a wait and to put a block.

6. How would you continue the workflow which is in wait and which is in block mode, name the api which is responsible for that

7. What is access level in oracle workflow and how it is significant.

8. Apart from loading the workflow from workflow builder is there any other method of loading the workflow from database to local machine.

9. How many types of attributes are present in workflow and what is a document type attribute

10. How would you force a user to not re-assign the workflow to other user.

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