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How to Run the SQL script from the Concurrent Program?

If we want to run the SQL script from the Concurrent Program window then we should follow the below steps.
1. Develop the SQL*plus (.SQL)
2. Transfer the SQL script file (.sql) file from local machine to the server in to respectable path CUST_TOP/11.5.0/SQL/.SQL
Then we have to follow the steps to implement (to run from Concurrent Program window) in Oracle Applications.
1. Create executable by executable method SQL*plus
2. Define Concurrent Program, attach executable, parameters, incompatibilities
3. Attach Concurrent Program to request group.
4. Attach request to responsibility
5. Attach responsibility to user
6. User will submit from SRS window.

Simple SQL Script:
Column user_id format 99999999
Column user_name format a50
Column ucreation_date format a11

Prompt *****************************
Prompt This is SQL* Plus Script
Prompt *****************************

SELECT user_id, user_name,creation_date
FROM end_user;

SQL Script with Parameter:
Inside of SQL script we can receive the parameter value by using &1, &2, &3 and so on. First Concurrent Program parameter value will come in the place, where we have mention &1. Second Concurrent Program parameter in to &2 and so on…
We can define max of 100 PARAMETERS for a Concurrent Program.
The Format Type of Concurrent Program output should be ‘TEXT’.

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