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Call Concurrent Program from responsibility Menu

The concurrent programs can be called in one of the following 2 ways:

1) From standard concurrent request by attaching the concurrent program to a request group. The request group name can be found from the responsibility. Query for the request group and attach concurrent program to that request group. Now the program will be available from that responsibility.

2) The other option is to call request directly from the Menu.

To assign a concurrent program to a menu follow the steps. I have taken Import Bills and Routings and import items program as an example.

a) Create a new function of form type and name it as your concurrent program
Bills of Material:

Import Items:

b) In the parameter field enter the request group name(if all programs assigned to the request is to be available) or enter concurrent program name(if only one concurrent program should be available).
Bills of Material:

Import Items:

c) Assign this function to a responsibility menu from which you want to run this concurrent program.

Now go to that responsibility and click on the function. It will directly launch the concurrent program

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  1. Lakshmanan B
    Lakshmanan B says:

    Thanks for this valuable info. I am also looking for the ways how to add a custom concurrent program to Tools Menu itself so that User can launch the concurrent program without closing the current form and without the need to go to SRS windows.

    Can you please guide me for this?

  2. Velmurugan T
    Velmurugan T says:

    Hi Lakshmanan,

    1. Define Menu : Special Menu for the Report, that will appear in tools Menu.
    2. In Custom Defined menu Action, call the concurrent program by using "Execute a Procedure" under BuiltIn Action Type.

    Package_name.submit_request('|| nvl(${item…value}, 'null') || ', ''' || ${item…value} ||''');



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