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How to Define Ledger Set In R12

A ledger set is a group of ledgers that share the same chart of accounts and calendar/period type combination. Ledger sets allow you to run processes and reports for multiple ledgers simultaneously.

For example, you can open/close periods for multiple ledgers at once, run recurring journals that update balances for multiple ledgers, or run consolidated financial reports that summarize balances across multiple ledgers in a ledger set. You can group all types of ledgers in a ledger set, such as primary ledger, secondary
ledgers, and reporting currencies (journal and subledger levels), as long as they share the same chart of accounts and calendar/period type combination. The same ledger can belong to multiple ledger sets, and ledger sets can contain other ledger sets.

To define a ledger set:

Navigation: General Ledger –> Setup –> Financials –> Ledger sets.

1. Navigate to the Ledger Set window.

2. Enter a name for the Ledger Set.

3. Enter a Short Name for the ledger set.

4. (Optional) Enter a Description for the ledger set.

5. Choose a Chart of Accounts.

6. Choose a Calendar and Period Type.

7. (Optional) Specify a default ledger. The default ledger automatically defaults in all windows where the Ledger field is required.
Note: A Default Ledger is required for Financial Statement Generator (FSG).

8. (Optional) Select the Enable Security checkbox to secure the Ledger Set definition. If you do not enable security, all users who have access to this definition will be able to use, view, and modify the ledger set definition. If the Assign Access function is available for your responsibility, the Assign Access
button will be enabled once you select the Enable Security checkbox. Choose the Assign Access button to assign the definition to one or more Definition Access Sets with the desired privileges.

9.In the Ledger/Ledger Set column, choose the ledgers and/or ledger sets to be included in the ledger set. Only those ledgers and ledger sets that share the same chart of accounts, calendar, and period type specified for the ledger set definition will be available.
If you use reporting currencies (journal or subledger level), you can choose reporting currencies to be included in the ledger set. Only those reporting currencies that share the same chart of accounts, calendar, and period type specified for the ledger set definition will be available

10. Save your work. The General Ledger Accounting Setup Program will be submitted. Ensure this program completes successfully. Once saved, a ledger set cannot be deleted. You can only add or remove ledgers
and ledger sets from ledger sets.

Note: You must have at least one ledger or ledger set assigned to a ledger set. Before you can begin using the ledgers contained in your ledger set for transaction processing, you must assign the ledger set to the profile option, GL: Data Access Set.

Once you create the ledger set system default created a data access set with the same name of the our Ledger set name.

Navigation: General Ledger –> Setup –> Financials –>Data Access Set

Assign this ledger set to your Responsibility.
Navigation: System administrator –> Profiles –> Systems.

Click on find

Now we can access one or more Ledgers at a time.

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