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Purge/Delete Completed Concurrent Requests in Apps

Error:Delete/Purge COMPLETED concurrent requests

Concurrent request history should not exceed 50K rows, or else it will start impacting on performance

SQL> select count(*) from FND_CONCURRENT_PROCESSES;


SQL> select count(*) from FND_CONCURRENT_REQUESTS;

85009 ==>>> Should always be below 50K, Else run “Purge Concurrent Request”

SQL> select count(*) from FND_CONCURRENT_REQUESTS

2 where request_date > sysdate-7;


SQL> col “Min request|Date” for a20;

SQL> col “Max request|Date” for a20;

SQL> select min(request_date) “Min request|Date”,max(request_date) “Max request|Date” from FND_CONCURRENT_REQUESTS;

Min request|Date Max request|Date
——————– ——————–
18-NOV-09 01-NOV-11


To clean old history of “COMPLETED” requests, follow the below note, to purge the queue

Concurrent Processing Tables and Purge Concurrent Request and/or Manager Data Program (FNDCPPUR) [ID 104282.1]

System Administrator -> Requests -> Run

Select “Single Request”

Mode = 14 days – delete all older than 14 days. Don’t make this window to small.

To view the above submitted request, do the following

Enter the request ID and “Find”

While Running:

Status on successful completion is shown below “Completed”, “Normal”

Extract from the Log File:

FNDCPPUR module: Purge Concurrent Request and/or Manager Data
Current system time is 01-NOV-2011 12:57:03
Purged 46616 entrie(s) from FND_CONCURRENT_REQUESTS :-01-NOV-2011 13:07:22

Purged 0 entrie(s) from FND_FILE_TEMP :-01-NOV-2011 13:07:22

Purged 7082 entrie(s) from FND_CRM_HISTORY :-01-NOV-2011 13:07:25

Purged 0 entrie(s) from FND_TM_EVENTS :-01-NOV-2011 13:07:25

Purged 346 entrie(s) from FND_TEMP_FILES :-01-NOV-2011 13:07:25

Purged 0 entrie(s) from FND_ENV_CONTEXT :-01-NOV-2011 13:07:46

Purged 1 entrie(s) from FND_DUAL :-01-NOV-2011 13:07:46

Purged 2 entrie(s) from FND_CONFLICTS_DOMAIN :-01-NOV-2011 13:07:46

Start of log messages from FND_FILE

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