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Item Instance Movement Tracking

Oracle Installed Base can track an item instance from the time that it is received in inventory, in work in process, in projects, at customer sites, and throughout the return and repair process.

Item Instance Attribute Change Tracking
Oracle Installed Base is a centralized repository of information for an item instance and its tracking details including location, status, ownership, party role, and contact relationships. It also supports the creation and maintenance of Oracle Installed Base configurations.
Counters can be tied to item instances so that usage can be captured. For example, if an item instance is an electrical meter, then counters can be used to store the meter reading, thus recording the usage that in turn generates revenue.

History of Item Instance Changes
Oracle Installed Base records a history of changes to item instances.
For each item instance in Oracle Installed Base, a history of transactions is tracked and stored. Given a particular time frame, these transactions and the state of the attributes during that time can be viewed.
The transaction history includes a list of inventory, work in process, order management, and other transactions affecting an item’s tracking attributes.
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