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ORDER MANAGEMENT Interview Questions

ORDER MANAGEMENT Interview Questions
Q: What are the Process Constraints?
A: Processing Constraints allow Order Management users the ability to control changes to sales orders, at all stages of its order or line workflows to avoid data inconsistencies and audit problems.
Q: What is a Pick Slip Report?
A: Pick slip is a shipping document that the pickers use to locate items in the warehouse/ inventory to ship for an order.
Q: At what stage an order cannot be cancelled?
A: If the order is Pick Confirmed, it cannot be cancelled.
Q: When the order import program is run it validates and the errors occurred can be seen in?
A: Order Management Responsibility >Orders, Returns : Import Orders> Corrections
Q: What is the difference between purchase order (PO) and sales order?
A: Purchase Order: The document which is created and sent to supplier when we need to purchase something. (Buying)

Sales Order: The document which is created when customer places an order to buy something. (Selling)
Q: What are primary and secondary price lists?
A: Price list contains information on items and its prices. The pricing engine uses secondary price lists when it cannot determine the price for an item using the price list assigned to an order.
Q: Name some tables in shipping/order/move order/inventory?
Q: How is move order generated?
A: When the order is pick released.
Q: What is ONT stands for?
Q: What does Back ordered mean in OM?
A: An unfulfilled customer order due to non-existence of the ordered items in the Inventory.
Q: What are picking rules?
A: A user-defined set of criteria to define the priorities Order Management uses when picking items out of finished goods inventory to ship to a customer. Picking rules are defined in Oracle Inventory.

Q: What is drop ship in OM?
A: A method of fulfilling sales orders by selling products without handling, stocking,or delivering them. The selling company buys a product from a supplier and has the supplier ship the product directly to customers.
Q: What are Defaulting Rules?
A: While creating the order,you can define defaulting rules so that the default values of the fields pop up automatically instead of typing all information.
Q: What are validation templates?
A: A validation template names a condition and defines the semantics of how to validate that condition. Validation templates can be used in the processing constraints framework to specify the constraining conditions for a given constraint.
Q: What are different Order Types?
A: Order Only, Mixed, RMA

Q: Explain the Order Cycle?
A: Book the order
Pick Release
Pick Confirm
Ship Confirm
Close the order
Q: What is packing slip?
A: An external shipping document that is sent along with a shipment itemizing in detail the contents of that shipment.
Q: When an order cannot be deleted?
A: Order cannot be delted if the Order is Pick Confirmed.
Q: What is pick slip?
A: Pick slip is a shipping document that the pickers use to locate items in the warehouse/ inventory to ship for an order.

Q: What is Drop shipment?
A: Drop Shipment is a process where the customer places a purchase order on a company and this company instructs its supplier to directly ship the items to the customer.

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