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Assign item to organization by ego_item_pub.assign_item_to_org API

This post will cover API ego_item_pub.assign_item_to_org used to assign item to an organization.
Step by step demonstration of code.
Please download attached file to use as sample code. This sample code assign single item at a time to single organization you can modify it for multiple items or multiple organizations at a time.
This API assigns a specific item to any inventory organization. The item to be assigned must already assigned to parent organization before running this API.

Input parameters.
P_param1                   pass inventory item id.
P_organization_id      organization id to which you want to assign item
P_organization_code organization code of specific organization

Variables need to be assign values by you.
l_user_id                     your used id
l_resp_id                     your responsibility id
l_application_id          application id

Get this information from fnd_responsibility table.

Running attached code I recommend to run it initially for some items and verify that these items are assigned to specific organizations.

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