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Database and Application Information

Below are some of the queries that can be used to get the database and Application information.

1) Get Product Version

SELECT product
     , VERSION
     , status
FROM   product_component_version

The other way to get this information is by using following query

select * from v$version;

2) Get Applications Version and Patch Information

SELECT   SUBSTR (a.application_name, 1, 60) Application_Name
       , SUBSTR (i.product_version, 1, 4) Version
       , i.patch_level
       , i.application_id
       , i.last_update_date
FROM     apps.fnd_product_installations i
       , apps.fnd_application_all_view a
WHERE    i.application_id = a.application_id
ORDER BY a.application_name

3) Patch Information AD_APPLIED_PATCHES table stores information about all the patches installed in the system.

SELECT applied_patch_id
     , patch_name
     , patch_type
     , source_code
     , creation_date
     , last_update_date
FROM   ad_applied_patches

4) Check if the application is setup for Multi-Org

SELECT multi_org_flag
FROM   fnd_product_groups

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