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How to configure System Items Flexfield

1.    First define value set for item flexfield segments.
Go to inventory responsibility and navigate to value set.
Setup -> Flexfield->Validation->Sets
2.       Define Value Set for Item Section.
Choices: List Type, Enter format validation of your own choice, validation type.

3.       Define Value Set for Sub Section.
Sub Section Value Set is dependent on item section.
To configure select dependent validation type and click on Edit Information.
4.       Define Value Set For Serial No.
Serial No is also dependent on item section.
5.       Now value set for Condition Code and future segment.
Ok we are done with first part of creating value set. Now for second step .

6.       Navigate to Key Flexfield Segments Definition Form.
         Setup -> Flexfield->Key->Segments
7.       Now search with flexfield title “System Items”.
8.       Click on Segments and navigate to  Segment Summary Window.
Now enter your desired item segments name and their corresponding value sets.
Column indicates the database fields that will hold entered value for specific segment.
9.       After entering segments summary navigate back to KFF segments window. Save form and check freeze flex field definition option.
10.       Now compile your KFF.
      It is configured now.
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