Implementors and administrators can verify the successful configuration of end user functions by performing the tasks described in this section.
Self-Service Registration
Oracle User Management enables users to register for access to applications without requiring assistance from administrators. To register for application access, users must provide information in the required fields and click the Submit button.
Oracle User Management ships with the following sample self-service registration processes:

  • Employee Self-Service Registration
  • Customer Self-Service Registration (external individuals)

Organizations can use these registration processes in their existing form, or can use them as references for developing their own registration processes.
Requesting Additional Application Access
Oracle User Management enables you to request additional access to the specific applications for which you are eligible. Application access is based on roles and to access an application you must be granted the appropriate role. Perform the following to view the roles you have been assigned and to request additional ones.
1. After logging into the system, click the Preferences link in the upper right corner, and click the Access Requests link in the sidebar menu. The Access Requests page displays the roles you have been assigned. Click the Request Access button to request one or more additional roles.
2. Most roles are organized according to role categories: roles that are not categorized appear under the Miscellaneous node. Select the role category that contains the role you want to request. If you do not see the required role, then either you are not eligible for the role or it has not been set up to for additional access requests.
3. Select the role or roles you require for additional access to the system, and click on the Add to List button. You can optionally remove roles from your list by clicking on the Remove Roles button.
4. When you have selected all your required roles, click on the Next button.
5. Enter a justification for your request and click on the Next button. You can remove any pending roles or check their status in the page that appears next.
Some roles may require you to provide additional information. In such cases, the system will prompt you for additional information before you can complete the process for requesting a role.
If the role being assigned would cause a separation of duties violation, the operation will flag this in the workflow attributes, and any approvers for the request will see the details.
Login Assistance
It is not uncommon for system administrators to have to reset a user’s forgotten password, or even advise a user of the account’s user (login) name. This is unproductive for both the user, who cannot do any work in the meantime, and for the administrator.
In addition, a user will occasionally request the password to be reset, when it is actually the user name that has been forgotten, or vice versa. This type of occurrence leads to even more time being lost.
A new feature reduces the time spent in such administrative activities by implementing a login help mechanism that is easily accessed from the E-Business Suite Login Page. A user simply clicks on the “Login Assistance” link located below the Login and Cancel buttons.
On the screen that appears, you can either:

  • Go to the Forgot Password section, enter the correct user name and then click on the “Forgot Password” button. You will then be emailed details of how to reset your password.
  • Go to the Forgot User Name section, enter the email address associated with the account, and click on the Forgot User Name button. The user name will then be emailed to the address specified.

For security, the relevant data is stored securely in workflow tables, and the URLs employed have both an expiration time and a single-use limitation.
The identify verification process required in previous Applications releases is no longer needed. Instead, a link to a secure page is sent to the email address of the user name defined in the system. From this secure page, the user can change password immediately.

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