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Create Trace File for Concurrent Program

If your program is taking time to complete, then the best way to know what is causing the problem is by creating a trace file.

System Administrator(R) –> Concurrent –> Program –> Define

Query for the concurrent program and check enable trace button.

Now when the concurrent program is executed the trace file is created in the udump directory. The path of udump directory can be found by executing following query.
select * from v$parameter
where name like ‘%user_dump_dest%’

The trace file can be converted to a readable format by running a tkprof command over the trace file.

tkprof [trace_file_name] [new_file_name]

Understanding TKPROF
The TKPROF program can be used to format the contents of the trace file and convert it into a readable output file.
TKPROF can also be used to generate Explain Plan for the queries.
I will create a seperate post to discuss various options available with TKPROF.
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